David B. Parmenter & Associates, Inc.



MADA Member Services

We help auto dealers optimize their human resource decision-making, improve employee relations, and pave the way towards a more highly-functioning workplace. We have the experience necessary to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions such as:

  • Sales assessments

  • Performance management systems

  • Management coaching

  • Policy handbooks

  • Union prevention planning and strategy

As an Associate Member for the last 25 years, we are the firm to utilize when looking for advice in employee relations management.

Employee Handbooks

Employee uncertainty and "unwritten" company policies can lead to confusion, conflict, and contagious inefficiencies.

A well-crafted Employee Handbook will codify workplace protocols and company policies, promoting consistency in the workplace experience and reliable, predictable outcomes for managers. It's also the oft-overlooked keystone of an organization's culture, and a powerful tool for determining the identity of your business.

We've been writing employee handbooks on behalf of our clients for 35+ years. Whether it's bringing your existing handbook up to date or developing your company's first, we can help you take the guesswork out of your day-to-day. Click here to learn more.

Employee Training & Executive Coaching

Whether it's ongoing group trainings or one-off executive coaching sessions, David Parmenter and Associates help businesses improve employee performance and business leaders better understand their foundational strengths.

We love working with young, growing organizations in the Metro Detroit area and tailor our training sessions to your business needs. Whether it's onboarding, restructuring, or establishing new company policies -- we can help you and yourr employees get up to speed so they're more effective and productive.

Union Elections & NLRB Compliance

With a track record that's unparalleled anywhere in the country, David B. Parmenter & Associates possess a wealth of insight, knowledge, and boots-on-the-ground experience when it comes to educating both management and employees about the impacts of workplace unionization. We wrote the book on successful election strategies and own the roadmap to win-win outcomes.