Your Employee Handbook Is The Most Important Document in Your Business.

Make sure yours is protecting you.

Compliant Employee Handbooks Custom Built for Your Business.

HR and Employment laws are complex, but working with David B. Parmenter & Associates makes compliance easy. Our clients enjoy their day-to-day confidence in knowing that their businesses will remain compliant, even as the law changes. Our goal is to free you from the anxiety of not knowing exactly where you stand - so that you can focus on more effectively managing your organization, all while reaping additional benefits:

Make Daily Management Decisions with Confidence.

Your Employee Handbook will be custom-built by the HR Experts at David B. Parmenter & Associates. You'll also receive 1-on-1 support and training throughout the process to help you leverage the knowledge it contains, so that you can rest easy knowing how to protect your business while getting the best outcomes when managing your teams.

Reclaim Your Time with Employee Self-Service.

Say goodbye to redundant requests for information and time-consuming administrative churn. Your employees will value the handbook as a one-stop shop for everything they need to know about company policies, PTO, and timekeeping questions, and the time you save not having to field these inquiries mean that your employee handbook will eventually pay for itself.

Be and Stay Compliant, Even When Laws Change.

Employment laws and regulations are always changing - on federal, state and local levels. We keep you apprised of all of these changes as they develop, and make sure your employee handbook is updated as soon as it needs to be.

Custom Policies that Protect Your Unique Business.

You don't run a cookie-cutter organization, and we don't push generic employee handbooks. An Employee Handbook from David B. Parmenter & Associates is tailored to your business's needs, because the protections offered by a well-crafted Employee Handbook are anything but "one-size-fits-all". Changes in federal, state, and local regulations may read the same through anyone's eyes. But with nearly four decades of experience, we know better than most how changes in the law at every level will impact your business, and we're here to help you take it all in stride.

Keeping Your Team on Track Gets Easier.

When your policies are clear and consistent, your employees know what is expected of them and what to expect from you as the leader of your organization. Properly written, your handbook's policies will automate decision-making on everyday issues from a shared understanding of your company's policies and professional culture.

Increase Employee Productivity.

A professionally written employee handbook makes on-boarding and training employees easier - a sure-fire way to reduce turnover, and make new hires more productive, faster.

Your Business Is Unique. Your Employee Handbook Should Be Too.

If you attempt to self-make and use a handbook template, or repurpose another business’ employee handbook, you will also need to spend hundreds of hours training as an HR professional to ensure that you do not create policies that are liabilities.

The Bottom Line...

Most "DIY" handbooks include outdated and/or incorrect information. To make matters worse, these mistakes can be used as proof that you as an employer are breaking the law. Your David B. Parmenter & Assoc. Employee Handbook will be customized by our team of experts to fit your business’ needs, and to comply with the federal, state, and local laws that apply to your business.

That means no more surprises, no more blind spots, and no more lost sleep over whether your business is vulnerable to litigation.